Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Good That You Exist

One of the best books on the market is entitled "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" by Pete Scazzero. Pete is the pastor and founder of New Life Fellowship in Elmhurst, New York. Several things from the book affirmed me, challenged me, hit  me between the eyes, etc. But there's one thing that REALLY got to the core of my being. It has to do with Jesus' baptism.

"This is my Son whom I love; with Him, I am well-pleased." These are the words that God the Father spoke over Jesus as He was coming up out of the water. These spoke right to Jesus' identity. "This is my Son (Affection) whom I love (Affirmation); with Him I am well-pleased (Approval)." I have always heard those words associated with the phrases the Father spoke over Jesus. And, those words have been ministered to my core identity since I first heard them. The Father is affectionate towards me - I am His son. The Father affirms me - I am loved by Him. And, the Father approves of me - I am pleasing to Him.

I thought those words were great. However, in explaining the baptism account, Scazzero uses three phrases that nearly made me cry. Something in his words REALLY reached my core identity - truth took hold in my spirit in a new, life-giving way. It was as if something exploded in me emotionally that gave me NEW VITALITY. I quote from page 74 of his book:

"...Heaven opens. The Spirit descends like a dove.
And Jesus' Father speaks audibly: 'THis is My Son, whom I love;
with Him I am well-pleased (Matthew 3:17). In other words (and this is what got me):
'You are lovable. You are good. It is so good that you exist.'"

Scazerro continues on:

"Jesus has yet to perform miracles or to die on the cross for the sins of humanity.
Nonetheless, He receives an experiential affirmation that He is
deeply loved by His heavenly Father for who He is."

I am LOVABLE...I AM GOOD...GOD says it is GOOD THAT I EXIST. For some reason, it never occurred to me that GOD thinks it's good that I exist. Actually, I knew it intellectually. However, this time it REALLY transformed my identity! God AFFIRMS my existence. Regardless of my circumstances God affirms my existence. Regardless of the negative words people say about me God affirms my existence. Regardless of the emotional roller coaster the enemy tries to take me on GOD AFFIRMS MY EXISTENCE. HE SAYS IT IS GOOD THAT  I EXIST. My identity is more grounded that it has ever been before. And, it's because of those three phrases - I am lovable. I am good. It is good that I exist.

What is robbing you of your core identity? What words have ripped at your existence? Know this for certain. The FATHER says that YOU ARE LOVABLE. The FATHER says that YOU ARE GOOD. And, here's the thing that really gets me. The FATHER says IT IS GOOD THAT YOU EXIST.

Thank you, Pete, for making those words plain to me. Thank you, Pete, for making a truth I've always known come alive again - in a life-transforming way. Even before I do ANYTHING the Father is AFFIRMING MY EXISTENCE...He's affirming YOUR existence, my friend. It's not about what you do, how you perform, who you impress. None of that matters at the end of the day. What matters most is that YOUR EXISTENCE IS AFFIRMED BY GOD. Your being here matters! And God says, "YOU ARE GOOD."

If you want to check this book out go to I highly recommend it. But be prepared. You'll begin a journey that is transforming. It's worth it. I promise you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Entry

Wow, this world of blogging is...well...vulnerable. I'm used to sitting down at a table with a few friends and sharing my heart. But, putting myself out there - for all the world to see (or, read) - that's just UNCOMFORTABLE.

But, here I am. This will be nothing more than a simple welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy my entries. I plan to post one each week. Stay tuned for more....Contemplative Kelvin is on the web! Welcome!